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Liz Simms

I was not a particularly good student; I never knew what I wanted to do so I was not focused, and I failed my exams.  I started work at the age of 17 in the NHS on £25 a week and over the years I have measured my success by the amount of money I have earned.  BUT this did not make me happy, in fact, the more money I earned the more unhappy I became. I believe this was because I was in the wrong job, I enjoyed the work sometimes, and the people I worked with, but it just was not fulfilling. I also started to question myself, on how can I earn this amount of money for doing this type of work? I had experience in the field I was working in, over 35 years, but I still had this niggling feeling of I did not deserve it.

Early in 2020 I started work with a coach, I had decided I was only going to work for a further 5 years in the industry I was in and I wanted to start thinking about my next chapter. I thought I had time, but things were taken out of my hands when I was made redundant in September 2020. I thought I would be upset but it felt great, a release, a pressure lifting off my shoulders and I was free to bring my plans forward and put them into action. I started my coaching journey with animas in November 2020, and I am so excited about this next phase and I hope you will allow me to support you on your journey.

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Other things about me

  • I love travel, my top two favourite countries are India and Finland, could not be more different!

  • I love food, Indian (not too hot for me) and fine dining

  • I love my summerhouse

  • I love shopping

  • I love stationery, is that weird?

  • I smile a lot

  • I love talking to people and my friends will tell you I talk a lot... but not in the coaching sessions!

  • I love empowering people, especially those who have been beaten down by people/life

  • If I set my mind to do something, I will do it. I gave up smoking and alcohol, but I have replaced them with chocolate and cake, need to work on how to give these up

  • If I want something I generally will get it!

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