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Why should you consider coaching?

A coach is independent - Your Family, Partner and friends…tend to give you the advice that they think is right for you. This may feel good at the time, but is it helping you?

Sometimes you need a professional – When you have a medical problem you would go and see your GP, if you have a dental problem you would go and see your Dentist.


Coaching requires head, heart and experience, which we use to look at the best way to support you.

Investing yourself - This is your opportunity to invest in working with someone who is totally independent on the most important person which is YOU!

If you’re unsure of what other people might say or you’re worried about the cost of coaching, remember this is your life, you get one shot at it, and you deserve to be happy and fulfilled in every aspect of your life.

So, Why wait? Contact me for a free 50-minute consultation.

I offer coaching on:

  • Relationships

  • Self confidence

  • Happiness and fulfilment

How it works


I run sessions Monday to Friday, and they can be flexible and adapt to your schedule.


I hold my sessions over Zoom or Skype. I am also happy to do face to face sessions dependent on the situation with COVID.

To book a session or to find out more please call me on 07771 704978 or email

Psychologist's Office
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