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Anxiety at Christmas

Every year without fail, during the run up to Christmas, I get this funny feeling in my stomach. When I was a child it would have been put down to the excitement and anticipation of presents. Today it's all to do with anxiety. Christmas starts far too early, we've barely finished Halloween, when the perfume and toys ads start appearing on our screens. We start thinking of what we can buy for people, how we're going to get the presents to them, who is having who for Christmas dinner so no-one is left on their own, etc. Over the past couple of Christmas's we have had the added stress of COVID and are we going to have to cancel Christmas?!!!! Do we get this stressed when it's our birthday? I don't, so next year, I am going to think of Christmas as just another day, yes with presents like my birthday, but I am not going overboard and I'm not going to worry about other people. I know this might sound selfish but hopefully the feeling in my stomach won't be as bad!



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