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I contacted Liz for coaching sessions to improve my confidence. I had received some nasty comments on social media, and did not know how to cope, so I started our first session crying at Liz through the computer screen! By the end of the session, she had helped me examine my reaction, and I went away with plenty of thoughts on reframing how I perceived what had happened. I continued with monthly coaching sessions, and Liz’s expertise has been life changing for me. I am more content within myself, I can put things into perspective instead of panicking and not knowing what to do, and overall, my confidence has really improved. I feel calm and sure about my next steps in my career; I am being visible instead of hiding, and I am ready to take the plunge and make a name for myself. I am also more secure in my personal life. This was not possible before, there was always the self-doubt. Working with Liz has been truly transformative.



Liz was incredibly patient through the sessions where I was very erratic, stressed with existing work commitments, and making excuses for everything that was happening around me.  Liz allowed me the time to think through where I was, and where I wanted to be and eventually helped me figure out how I would get there.

The gentle coaching, advice, and incredible amount of support and empathy from Liz have led me to a point where I now feel completely calm and settled, and happy in my life.

My work with Liz is not done. I know I need to keep working and developing myself, my skills, working my values and being honest to myself, and developing where I want to go in the future and Liz is absolutely the person I want to help me get there.



I got in touch with Green Water as I was feeling overwhelmed and distressed with a new life situation, struggling to find a way out. I chose to work with Liz as I immediately felt a lot calmer talking to her. She listened with interest and without judgment, and helped me gain a sense of perspective and clarity on the issues that I had. I was gently challenged on my assumptions so far, and learned better coping strategies in the process. I always looked forward to our sessions and definitely ended up in a better place by the end of our work together.


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I had two sessions with Liz and entered the first feeling fairly confident that I knew myself well, what triggered my emotions and reactions, etc.  With Liz’s gentle prompting, what I discovered was a different way of viewing my own perceptions of life and my relationships, personal and work, and subsequently there has been a subtle change in the way I respond to challenges. As I entered the second session, I was a different, calmer person and, I think, a happier one inside going forward. I would recommend Liz to anyone.


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